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Location: Dakar
Program: Housing

Surface: 2'800 sqm
Client: Private
Cost: 6.9 mio CHF

Year: 2018

Development of a housing building in Dakar

The developed plot is located on the edge of the Gueule Tapée district on the edge of the Corniche road. At the right of the project, the road passes in a tunnel which increases the calm of the place. The project was designed to be "ecological", that is to say to make the most of natural inputs such as light and wind. The facades are largely glazed and protected by sun screens / photovoltaic panels. The building has been split into two blocks to create a shaded area that allows the wind to circulate; it welcomes the stairwell. The roof is vegetated with a large layer of earth to increase heat inertia. The gray water from the toilets will be filtered for watering the roof. The use of concrete will be reduced to the structure, the infill elements will be made of mud bricks. The architecture of the project is resolutely modern and optimistic.

Dakar picture
Dakar picture